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Buying teapots in Pakistan is now as easy as it gets, revitalizes the strong aroma of tea bars in a contemporary style. With floral patterns and poetic calligraphy, these beautiful teapots are designed to steal the show at your home's next tea party with vibrant colors and unique artistry that makes every woman and man take it off the shelf, instantly. 

1. Instant eye-catcher
2. Ideal for both hot and cold beverages
3. Easy to use

So if you are intending to buy a teapot in Pakistan, Urban truck art is the only brand offering this unique truck art inspired novelty items.

Truck Art Chamak Patti Handcrafted Chainaks
from Rs.1,208.00 Rs.1,599.00
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Hand Painted Decorative Unique Teapots
from Rs.1,208.00 Rs.1,599.00
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Hand Painted Family Unique Collectible Teapots
from Rs.2,564.00 Rs.2,999.00
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