About Us

“Truck Art” is a form of regional decoration in South Asia. It came into existence in the late 18th century, when truck and rickshaw owners in Pakistan used to describe their feelings of love by writing poetry verses and paint human eyes using vibrant colors. As the years passed by, this form of art which primarily have been used to portray expressions of the rural areas slowly made its way into the metropolitans. People found pun in the poetry and amazement in the intricacy of the art produced by the artisan. Slowly with the mix of rural and urban touch, truck art transformed with the addition of animals and flowers drawings. 

We at Urban Truck Art, took inspiration and turned this form of art which is mostly found on vehicles into different home accessories and ornaments. We as a Pakistani brand take immense pride in bringing this unique art to international community where people from around the globe have the opportunity to learn more about the rich traditions and various cultures of Pakistan. We are a team of 5 members with each having a mastery in a specific field.

From procuring of quality raw materials to shipping globally, Urban Truck Art provides a complete end to end solution to customers. As most of our products are handmade, a great amount of hard work goes into preparing the final product. We understand that climate change is a big problem so we make sure that the articles produced are mostly eco-friendly. We are offering a variety of handmade and hand painted products ranging from clocks to wall frames and even kitchen utensils like trays, teapots and coasters which are a vibrant addition to any kitchen.

Our diversified product portfolio makes it easier for customers to select an article as a gift or as a souvenir. Be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve or Valentine’s Day, our products will suit best for any occasion. Urban Truck Art understands the value of personalization and transform your feelings or imagination into reality by producing an article made exclusively for you, email any design element or thought at info@urbantruckart.com

One of our core values is to stay up to date with the on-going trends, we understand them and mould those and provide new designs that are loved across the globe and adapt to the changing demands of the customers. This gives the customer a convenient solution to get latest product on one single platform rather than searching multiple options.

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