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Chamakpatti Blue Hotpot

Rs.4,299.00 - Rs.6,999.00

Truck Art Inspired Silver Handi

Rs.1,999.00 - Rs.2,999.00

Pink Wooden Jewelry Box

Rs.2,799.00 - Rs.3,499.00

Red Personalized Truck Name Plate

Rs.2,299.00 - Rs.3,299.00
Zoom Unique Cultural Mirrors
Zoom Unique Cultural Mirrors

Unique Cultural Mirrors


100% Handmade
Material: Wood & Chamakpatti
Processing Time: 8-12 days

Standard 3-5 days

These unique mirrors are nothing but a depiction of the Mughal era, combining truck art with the historic beauty of our land and culture. These mirrors are completely handmade, royal and can add an elite touch to your home décor. These are perfect for entrances, aisles and placing on wooden consoles. They can easily be hung on the wall as well. These are inspired by local Pakistani truck art.

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Handmade Truck Art Personalized Name Signs

Rs.2,099.00 - Rs.4,999.00

Orange Truck Art Inspired Personalized Jewelry Box

Rs.2,799.00 - Rs.3,499.00

Handmade Multi Color Chamak Patti Name Signs

Rs.2,099.00 - Rs.4,999.00

One of a kind Truck Art inspired trays

Rs.3,299.00 - Rs.3,999.00

Gardenia Beautiful Painted Serving Tray

Rs.2,799.00 - Rs.3,999.00

Gaming Truckart Coffee Tables

Rs.11,999.00 - Rs.13,999.00 Rs.12,999.00

Chamakpatti Truck Art Inspired Guitars

Rs.2,499.00 - Rs.3,299.00 Rs.2,699.00

Red Peacock Hand Painted Decorative Unique Teapot

Rs.1,259.00 - Rs.1,699.00 Rs.1,399.00

Handmade Double Nameplate

Rs.3,999.00 - Rs.5,999.00
Zoom Yellow Chamakpatti Decorative Bottle
Zoom Yellow Chamakpatti Decorative Bottle

Yellow Chamakpatti Decorative Bottle


100% Handmade
Material: Glass & chamakpatti
Size: 12" height
Order Detail: Made to order
Processing Time: 6-13 Business days

Standard: 3-6 Business Days

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