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Our Story


Believe me, this is no philosophical ‘About Us’ page of any website :D

Our Story is pretty simple and out there. Maaz has always been business minded and I, Qurratulain (his annoying wife) was always a 9-5 geek! We were hardly on the same page EVER. In the last 4-5 years we have been struggling with various ideas (we have many:p) to put forward to the world. But nothing was working in our favor, something or the other was falling apart. The only thing that we both have in common is ‘Patience’. Yes, we patiently waited for around 7 years to get married to each other so you can imagine the level of patience we have haha!

Well, Allah always has something amazing planned for everybody, and 2019 had an amazing opportunity for us. Maaz met this person during his office hours who created different truck art items. The craftsmanship amazed him and he was totally hooked on to the idea of innovating and marketing internationally and locally. He met with different vendors and did some R&D, after much effort we officially launched on 4th August 2020.

We both are old school; not very cool I must say. Our motto to live life has always been to live in the present and enjoy what we have on our plate. And also share some part of our plate with the needy.

Maaz is an environmentalist and is always worried about the planet. Everything else comes second to him (Even his family). He is the weather guy among his friends haha I am not even kidding. He is always updating his Facebook Status about when its going to rain or when is the next cyclone coming :D One of his dreams is to chase a Hurricane. Like Seriously Dude?

So one thing he was very particular about when choosing the products was them being Eco-friendly, Vegan and Environmentally sound. And that’s what Urban Truck Art is about. Its about taking the vibrancy of life to every nook and corner of the world.

'Thank you for reading our story!'

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” ~Georgia O’Keeffe


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