Coasters are known to be an optional home decor accessory! Since not everyone is able to understand how it can add subtle yet powerful functions to your home. On the same hand, what that matters ultimately in the home decor are the details! And coasters are just one of the tiny details that can tie your decor together! We at Urban Truck Art believe that coasters are essential components of any table decor.
Of course, no one really likes stains on their tables and coasters are the surefire way to achieve it. Whether you are sharing tea or coffee with your friends or family, Tea coaster is a great idea to add more fun and color to your dining space without going miles. 
It's important to protect your furniture from ring marks of a glass of water or a warm cup of coffee or tea. Yes! We need coasters for this particular purpose. But cork and glass coasters are not in trend anymore. We at Urban Truck art revitalize your table decor with truck art-themed coasters.
Our tea coasters are made in Pakistan, they are handmade and handcrafted by our very skilled workers. Every coaster is made from scratch and filled with the love of our artisans.
With our various designs, finding the right coasters that fit your lifestyle shouldn't be difficult. You'll discover a wide variety of classic, artistic themed, subtle, bold here at Urban Truck Art. Searching for tea coasters online in Pakistan has never been this easy! With the addition of uniqueness and colors to your dining/living area, this also helps you celebrate any occasion with our personalized coasters, as a bonus of without letting your guests know that you ordered these eco-friendly coasters online with no minimum quantity required.
You can also get these customized with different styles and elements, just the way you want. Just email us at

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