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Zoom Punjtan Pak Truck Art Name Sign

Punjtan Pak Truck Art Name Sign

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100% Handmade
Material: Hammered Metal and Stickers
Size: 24 Inches length *12 Inches Height
Order Detail: Made to order
Processing Time: 8-13 Business Days

Standard: 3-7 Business Days

As part of our culture & history we always love decorating our homes with the names of the most pious, generous and Holy! You can customize these name signs with just about anything in this style. These are beautiful decoration signs created with hammered steel and chamakpatti to create an aura for your home. You can hang them anywhere from your living rooms, drawing rooms and more. 


Processing Time: 5-10 Business Days
Standard: 3-7 Business Days


Q) What is the origin of truck art?

 A)The idea of Truck art original in the late 1970s when European and American tourists took back photographs they have taken of heavily decorated and painted Trucks and buses on the streets of Pakistan.
It has evolved as a radiant genre now being very popular.


 A) Chamakpatti is the name of an art-form particularly referred to the shiny colorful sticker sheets we see on buses, trucks and rikshaws in Pakistan. A lot of products are made purely with this sticker art which gives it a cultural and authentic truck art look.


A)Hand painting is a process of
putting paints on surface/material. All the design and elements are purely
made with using oil or acrylic paints. Its long-lasting and has a pungent smell.

Q) Are CHAMAKPATTI products washable?

A) NO. They are not washable. However, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Q) Are HANDAPINTED products washable?

A) Yes. Most of them are. All
Handpainted items on Silver, steel or ceramic are washable. No Handpainted product on a wooden surface is washable.

Q) Is CHAMAKPATTI sticker work long lasting?

A) It definitely is. It is the same
art form you see on buses/rikshaws in Pakistan. They go through all kinds of
weather and the sticker remains intact. Similarly, all our Chamakpatti items
are made for usage with cleaning instructions. They are meant to last a lifetime if used with care.

Q) What is a CARE INSTRUCTION card?

A) A care instruction card is sent
with all our packages to the customers. It is there to guide our customers about how to use and care for a particular product. It has all the required

Q) If I receive a damaged product? What is the process?

A) Although we make sure that all our products are bubble wrapped and safely packed but sometimes due to courier
mishandling, damage can occur. We have a very open return policy. It is advised to take pictures and videos of the damaged product and share with us. We take quick action based on the damage and you can get a new item in return. The damaged item is not to be thrown but safely packed with you so we can get it picked for claim.

Q) My product is NOT as I see in the picture, there are some alterations. WHY?

A) The products are completely
handmade. Every product is made from scratch by our skilled team of artisans.
Imperfections are part of our process and they make our handmade products even
more beautiful. Our teams try our best to maintain same design guidelines but there are chances of minute design/color changes as part of the hand process. A product CANNOT be returned on these minute changes.

Q) Do you take advance payment for your products?

A) YES. For some of our products 100% advance payment is required. It however varies from product to product. It mostly applies to high involvement products like Suitcases, Tea Trolley and tables. It also applies to most customized products especially customization coming from the customers end. The customization can be in color, design, craft and etc. Even a little change asked by a customer results in taking 100% advance payment.

Q) Are customized products

A) NO. Customized products are
non-refundable, non-exchangeable. (Unless there is a design/color/name mistake
from our end)

Q) Are Handpainted Shoes refundable?

A) NO. Handpainted shoes are
non-refundable, non-exchangeable. (Unless there is a design/color/name mistake
from our end)

Q) Where are your products made?

A) All our products are produced in Karachi,
Pakistan. We are a proud Pakistani company and we ONLY used locally
manufactured items and raw material.

Q) Where is our brand operated from?

A) Karachi, Pakistan.

Q) How long does it take for a
product to reach me?

A) Our standard manufacturing time is 0-14 days (mentioned on our website with every product). Shipping time is 3-5 days.

Q) Why was my order cancelled?

A) Order cancellations are based on various reasons: If the customer tries to cheat the
system in any way, our system cancels the order and put the respective customer in fraud.

If the customer tries to avail a
discount on an already LIVE sale.

If the customer after placing the
order does not confirm the order or is unreachable.

If the customer has entered an
invalid number and he is unreachable.

If the customer after confirmation, refuses to receive the parcel.

If the customer disagrees to any
of our policy

Punjtan Pak Truck Art Name Sign

Rs.4,449.00 Regular price Rs.4,999.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Irfan Ali Shaikh Dr

Its lovely 😍

Saadia Alvi
Happy customer

I have purchased many articles 100% satisfied

Mrs. Mirza
a brand that is all Heart!

I ordered two of these for my lived ones. I mentioned how I'd appreciate speedy delivery as i'll be traveling soon. The people behind the brand went above and beyond to ensure not only quick delivery, but products that are flawless in their finishing. The photo on the site doesn't do justice to the vibrancy of the colors, the excellent craftsmanship, and the heart that must go into creating and delivering it. Thank you Team! God bless!



Eliya Hasan
Overall a good package

Please don't consider this rating is for only the product quality itself but whenever we order something online, bunch of other stuff is a part of it as well, like seller communication, delivery time etc.
Product Quality is remarkable. Its names of Punjtan Pak printed on a steel tablet which truly gives it the felling of a urban sort of truck art piece. Colors are bright and are of good quality.
Delivery: this took sometime, around 10-12 days. Ideally the delivery time should not be more than a week.
Seller Communication: Talk with respect and empathy. Great people.
Discount: Seller was kind enough to give me a discount when i asked him for.


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