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Truck Art Inspired Digital Mugs

Lime Green

Do you cherish a favorite coffee mug and feel ultra-possessive about it? We got an absolute treat to make your day worth it. 

These super cool mugs are specifically designed to add a personal touch to your own coffee mug! This also happens to be the most popular and special gift items available because they are both useful and thoughtful. Our mugs wrap around unique art depicting the culture of Pakistan, with a large handle for easy gripping.

Material: Ceramic
Order Detail: Made to order
Processing Time: 3-7 Business Days

Standard: 3-5 Business Days

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Best quality and adorable stuff

Review of mugs and clock

I love the concept behind your products, your effort and creativity of designs and the types of products you offer. Also you were very helpful with a faster development of the products and in responding to delays in delivery. Also your thoughtful hand written message is on my refrigerator and was a really a nice personal touch. But I also have to talk about some of the problems with the products. We loved the mugs we ordered and what they said in punjabi and had ordered several to give as souvenir to non pakistani friends, but only the first time we put 1 of them in the dish washer, the part of the design and text came off. We were sad that it had literally been 5 days since we came back from pakistan and first time we used one cup and had already gifted 3 of them to friends. Its dissaponting that the description on the website said its dishwasher safe when clearly it wasnt , so felt cheated and also embrassed that we gave such low quality stuff as presents. Btw, if you wonder, our dish washer is in perfect condition ( 6 months old) and we wash several other mugs in it daily with text n designs on them but never had this problem. Secondly, the truck art wall clock we ordered has a beautiful design and was to be a major statement piece inside our reception area, but when we opened it after arriving back from pakistan, as the hands of the clock were seperate and needed to be fixed to make it work, they refused to work properly to this date. We have fixed hands of clocks before so we are not novice but they were not good quality. Even with the wrong time, we put in batteries to just keep it going and when night time came and it was quiet and we realised that the clock is so loud that its at the reception and can be heard all the way upstairs in the bedroom, even with the door shut. Anyways its still insanely loud clock clicking and our children complained that it disturbs them, so we had to take the batteries out, as it didn't show the right time anyway and now its like a decoration on the wall. The reason I describe this in this great length is just to give an honest review and also to help and I hope you take action to improve these things in your products, as no doubt they look good but unfortunately I cant recommend them to anyone till these things are improved. I give 2 stars as I am a big fan and promoter of local pakistani products and I have hope you guys will work on these things to have alteast satisfactory product quality, as that is what determines repeat purchases.

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