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Truck Art Trundling Off Roads

Colorful, floral patterns depict different cultural aspects in the form of beautiful calligraphy of poetic verses as driver’s words of wisdom. This form of art has become a part of Pakistani transport tradition and has become more than just cultural expression; it’s also a deeply rooted tradition. It involves the representation of emotions, passion, love, and care.

It first appeared in the 1940s, on trucks and Lorries driven by transporters who would paint portraits of their spiritual leaders, famous Sufi saints, elements, such as whole landscapes, flying horses, peacocks, etc. These Trucks and Lorries were not only decorated because of their passion in art but also these paintings made the drivers feel like home.


Urban Truck Art portrays the feeling of love by writing poetic verses and paint human eyes using a vibrant color which is so fascinating that anyone with even the slightest interest in art will be intrigued. 

We at Urban Truck Art believe that this is an opportunity to bring forward the colorful face of Pakistan through this mesmerizing art. We have come up with a wide range of products that are handmade and hand painted products ranging from clocks to wall frames and even kitchen utensils like trays, teapots and coasters which are a vibrant addition to any kitchen. The message that is being carried here via these beautifully crafted products is about love and peace to be spread around the world. 

We also intend to increase our product portfolio with various other home wares and unique gift ideas. With our diversified product range we make it easier for everyone to come up with a gift for anyone who has everything. Be it Eid, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve or Valentine’s Day, our products will suit best for any occasion.

We encourages the idea of personalization and customization to portray your feelings or thoughts with production of the article made exclusively for you. You can also email any design or idea at

Promoting these beautiful products not just allows us to represent our culture but also gives us an opportunity to change the lives of many truck artists as the rise in trend demand for this artwork, which gives them more work. These handmade and hand painted products are to be associated with things such as peace, love and cultural harmony, cause the sole reason behind this art is about the love of an artist that is being displayed. 



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